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Building an Energy-Efficient Home: What To Know

Every homeowner knows how expensive it is from the cost of the house up to unexpected expenditures. One way of minimizing those expenses is by transforming your house into an energy-efficient home.

Owning a home is a long thread of expenditures from maintenance, repairs, emergencies, and appliances. As you search for a reliable home builder that can make your housing dreams come true, you stumble upon one concern. Aside from the mentioned expenditures mentioned, there is one more recurring monthly expense that you need to minimize. It is your energy consumption.

Let’s face it. A bigger house leads to a bigger energy bill. Having more family members means more energy consumption. Right now, you need to strategize on how you can make your home an energy-efficient one, and that is possible. With the help of your trusty builder, you can make these construction integrations to make your home energy-efficient.

Maximize Lighting and Ventilation

Having enough doors, windows, and open areas make air circulation and natural light flow without hassle. Imagine how much you’ll cut from your electrical bills if you don’t use an air cooling system whenever you watch TV. Or, how much you’re going to save if you don’t turn on the lights whenever you read a book because natural sunlight brightens up the room.

Install Insulation in the Attic

Having a properly-installed HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) systems does not only make your bills go down at a significant rate, but it also ensures that every part is functioning correctly. Although you can’t rely on your home builder for this specialized aspect, you can ask them for provider recommendations. Your HVAC expert may give you a discount for being referred!

Seal Gaps and Holes

Unknown to many, one of the biggest culprits of high energy consumption are the gaps and the holes from your doors and windows. A compelling home builder knows that every hole and gap must be sealed shut.

The windows should fit its frame, and the doors should not allow airflow whenever it’s close. You can consult with your builder about windows that have wood frames because it’s the best choice out there when it comes to insulation.

Purchase Energy-efficient Appliances

Purchasing energy-efficient appliances can be quite expensive. In the long run, however, you’ll reap the benefits because you’ll be saving thousands of pesos in energy consumption.

When you go shopping for these appliances, always be on the lookout for a yellow mark that illustrates the energy guide. These energy guides contain the energy-efficient factor that you can utilize to compare appliances and their corresponding benefits.

Build an Outdoor Space

If you have the land area for it, asking your builder for an outdoor space is an energy-efficient move. An outdoor space utilizes natural sunlight and airflow that is perfect when you need to lounge around, read, eat a snack, and more.

Final Notes

As you prepare for a long, exhausting, and confusing journey of watching your dream house being built, it is essential to keep the lines of communication open between the builder and you. Always ask questions, consult them for significant decisions, and respect their recommendations. After all, you wouldn’t have signed a deal with them if you didn’t trust them enough with a life milestone.

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