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Housing Types that Fits every Lifestyle and Budget

Deciding on a home is a milestone that requires objective assessment and careful financial considerations. If you’re on the hunt for a forever home, we gathered the most common housing type for you to select.

Every person is riddled with life choices. One of those mind-boggling decisions is housing. The market is filled with diverse housing choices which makes a potential homeowner confused and reaching out to their wallets. What’s more, an individual can opt to have his house constructed from the ground up to fit unique desires.

If you happen to be a person wanting to own a home, this article will help you identify housing types to guide you in your decision making objectively.


The most basic and probably the smallest unit of housing type you’ll find is an apartment. Apartments are ideal for individuals or families who don’t have their land and don’t have the money to purchase or construct a home. These apartments are for rent and are usually owned and managed by a landlord.

Construction-wise, apartments are general-looking and have maintenance people who repair and checks the units’ facilities. If you don’t have plans of permanent residency in a particular area and is looking for a cheap shelter, the apartment is your go-to choice.


Condominiums can be described as towering buildings with fancy amenities. Since the land area is limited in the metropolitan regions, land developers decided to construct buildings that rise above the clouds and is suited both for individuals and families alike. One condominium unit is purchased.

Moreover, residents of the said condominium enjoy amenities like pools, gyms, spas and clubhouse. High-end condominiums even have shops and residents enjoy community benefits from neighboring residents. If you have a budding career in the city, whether you have a family or is living on your own, condominiums are suitable for those who have the financial resources for such extravagant housing choice.


Common in the United States and Eastern countries, bungalows are single-storey homes with a square structure and a cute front porch to match. In the Philippines, this housing type has been adopted because of its simple layout.

If you have a family with at least four members, life partner, or is single, this may come into consideration. Moreover, this is perfect for families who have elderly who may find stairs as a problem.


Often, townhomes are dubbed as row houses. You’ll often see townhomes in areas where the population is booming, and a land developer decided to construct them as residential options. Units are designed and painted with uniformity. Moreover, townhomes are sold not rented.

Residents have the absolute discretion for the interior, but they must abide by the homeowner’s associations rules regarding exterior aspects. This housing unit is suitable for a family that have a maximum of four members, or couples building their own family. Not to mention the fact that townhomes come in affordable packages.

Multi-Storey Home

If you don’t have a problem with economic concerns and you have a big family that needs shelter, opting for a multi-storey home is a viable decision. Although multi-storey homes aren’t readily available in the market, you can find reliable and compelling construction service providers that can build this for you.

The key to making your multi-storey home fit for your family’s needs is to communicate with your service provider. Inform them of mobility restrictions, the number of members, and budget constraints.

As a budding homeowner, there are pros and cons to each housing type. Evaluate each option and decide which will benefit your family more. The crucial key for an objective assessment is to determine the lifestyle each member have and budgetary constraints before deciding on a forever home.

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