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Impact of Covid-19 to the Construction Industry

Are you wondering what the "new normal" would be for the construction industry? Here's a quick rundown of what to expect as we embrace the "new normal.

The Covid-19 pandemic continuously challenges people. From the human resource sector to government services, this pandemic is undoubtedly becoming a test of resilience and adaptability. As many people were quick to lose two-month's worth of income because of the lockdown, experts are struggling to determine how this pandemic is affecting other major industries and how each will cope up because of this collapse.

In this article, we're going to talk about the impact of this pandemic in one of the biggest industries in the Philippines. We're referring to the construction industry. As much as people would dream of having a house of their own, it seems quite impossible nowadays. We'll take a look at the factors and how each has affected the construction industry.

Economic Constraints

People are undoubtedly still recovering from the tragedy that this pandemic has caused. The most primary concern of people now is paying for their utilities, rent, and recurring debts, which piled over the months.

Let's take a look at this situation as an example. Say you are a family of four and are classified as a middle-class one. You earn enough for your family's needs and have saved up for your home's construction because you're tired of renting.

Since the lockdown happened, the construction stopped. Now, you're faced with the dilemma of continuing or not the house's development. There are critical areas that play to your decision. First of which is the increase in the price of construction materials. Second, increased pay for labor. And lastly, whether materials are available or not.

Safety and Health Protocols

The vaccine for Covid-19 has yet been discovered or even deemed as ready as a solution for this pandemic. Such health risks terribly crippled industries. Because of this, the drastic decision to stop operations was made. If you are someone that belongs to the construction industry, there is no doubt that you've think twice about letting your employees work.

However, to salvage the economy, you chose to continue working on a client's house. This decision involves strict adherence to the health protocols being imposed by the government. The most basic of which is wearing face masks and other safety equipment as required by the nature of one's work.

Next, social distancing must be observed in the workplace. Workers must keep at least six feet apart from each other. Minimal physical interaction is encouraged. Last but not least, having a hand washing station is a must for every workplace. The Department of Health reminds everyone to follow these protocols to mitigate virus transmission.

Final Notes

Before resuming operations, rules and regulations must be considered. Some local government units allow economic transactions and businesses to operate. However, if the restriction still applies to your location, you must abide by it until the "new normal" allows such actions.

We are continuously hoping that this pandemic will be resolved in the healthiest of ways. For now, we must abide by health protocols and safety measures.

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