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Makeover of Aimee House Model by Lumina Homes

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Do you own or recently invested a unit in Lumina Homes? Well this article will give you an idea on what are the possible improvements or expansion you can do on your hard-worked investment property - an AIMEE HOUSE MODEL of LUMINA HOMES.

floor plan of lumina homes aimee house model
Floor Plan of Actual Turnover unit vs. the Improved Layout

Before I discuss you the improvements I made on this model, I will discuss you first the technical details of this model. Well the name of the house model is AIMEE ROWHOUSE by LUMINA HOMES, it's lot area is 36 sq.m. or 9m x 4m.

Depending on what unit you invested in, the choices would be an inner unit or a corner lot unit. Depending also on the contract you agreed upon (or they offered you), you can invest in a fully furnished unit or a bare unit. The difference would be, of course, the contract price for a fully furnished unit would be much higher than the bare unit as the latter would need many improvements and furnishings before you can move-in on the unit you purchased.

For this article, we'll be talking about the bare unit only.

lumina aimee house model
Front View of Turnover Unit

Exterior Finish

The image shows the actual exterior of the turnover unit. As you can see, there is a small allowance at the frontage of the house. The back side of the house also has an allowance for future improvements or extensions.

lumina aimee house model
Rear Side of Turnover Unit

Interior Layout

Upon turnover, the interior of the house is totally bare, only the Toilet & Bath is included in the unit. The good side of this set up is you have the total control of the layout and furnishings that you want in your unit.


The first improvement I did in this model was the fence at the front of the unit.

To improve the look of the unit, I came up with an idea of a modern design fence. The materials used in the fence is a combinations of concrete & aluminum. This Fence will add more security & privacy for the unit owner. A small table and chair will still fit at the space on the front.

The next image is the improvement at the rear side of the unit. I decided to design an open wall to permit the flow of air inside. The service area at the back is also converted to a dirty kitchen.

The opposite side at the back is converted to a laundry area. You can comfortably do your laundry things here as the wall has small openings so that the air will still circulate inside.

One Bedroom is fitted in this unit. It was situated across the Living & Dining area. This size of Bedroom is perfectly fit for a couple or three.

Check out the following images for the suggested interior design & finishes of this unit.

Living area of lumina aimee house model
The Living Area
living area of lumina aimee house model
Living Area (Other View)
living area of lumina aimee house model
Living Area (Other View)
toilet & bath of lumina aimee house model
Toilet & Bath


Thank you for reading this post. Hopefully you get an idea for the improvement of this kind of unit.

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