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What is a Single Detached House?

The phrase “Single Detached House” is something you’ll often see or hear when browsing the web or as you search for real estate listings. It is also the first term that the broker or the real estate agent will tell you when you are about to inquire for some property listings in your place. So, before you actually sign the property contract or invest your hard-earned money on this thing, it is best to understand first this terminology.


Single Detached Home, also known as “Single Family Home” or “Single Dwelling” means that the house is “detached” or “separated” from any other buildings or dwellings. All the walls and its roof must not be common or must not be shared among the other dwellings. This house is completely stand-alone.


Other characteristics of a single detached house is that all its sides (Left & Right), including the back and the frontage has an open space. With these characteristics, we can conclude that the house must be on the middle on the parcel of land. The number of floors (Storey) is not a factor in identifying the house to be considered as a single detached, meaning, the house can either be a single or two storey.

Thank you for reading this post. Hopefully you got a wider insight about this type of housing. Share your thoughts on the comment box below.

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